Academy Residences

A fast growing business …

Academy Residences offers educational facilities to groups such as schools. The business is young and growing fast, but its systems sometimes struggle to keep up with the demand for residential visits.

Bookings can be complex. Staff must have a detailed overview of the many different elements that make an educational stay, manually entering data into various spreadsheets.

Even the most careful data entry can lead to errors and inefficiencies. The solution? Use intelligent software instead.

… needs intelligent software …

John Harrison, CEO of Academy Residences, found Oliver Winks through referral. He was looking for a software developer who could replicate and improve the existing system, joining everything together in one place using smart technology.

Using a well-known challenge in computer science called the ‘bin packing problem’, Oliver created bespoke web-based software that allows users to quickly search for the best ways to allocate the Residency’s space, reducing inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

… to reduce risk and free up time

“The software will minimise the risk of mistakes that could have financial consequences. I might be personally responsible for making the final decision on a booking worth tens of thousands of pounds. I have to know I made my decision based on the best information available.” John Harrison, CEO, Academy Residences