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Want to get a head start in Scala or Vue.js? I offer training courses in both.


Have an exciting software project? I offer full-stack development in Scala and Vue.js.


Need a mobile app? Using NativeScript with Vue.js I can help you develop one.


I'm Oliver Winks, I setup Paper Plane Software Ltd in December 2015. I've been designing and developing software for over a decade and during that time I've had the opportunity of working with some great people on some really interesting projects. Check out my portfolio below.

I'm a full-stack developer based in Brighton (near London), I make rich web and mobile apps using Scala and Vue.js. I also develop software for embedded devices like Raspberry Pi's or Arduinos using Rust. If you have a project in need of some software expertise then please get in touch.

“Oliver Winks has been a real game-changer for KPS in terms of professionalizing our software engineering efforts.”

Allister Furey, CTO, Kite Power Solutions


Whether it's filling in gaps in existing knowledge, keeping on top of best practice or up-skilling your team in new languages and frameworks, training gives you a head start on your project. I offer two 3-day training courses in Scala and Vue.js. Click on the courses below for more details.


Full stack development involves both the front- and back-end components of an application. As a full stack developer I cover the presentation layer (user interface), business logic layer and the database Layer.

Backend with Scala

Scala is a high-level, general purpose programming language compatible with Java. It's a highly Functional language with many superb libraries for backend development such as Play (a web-framework), Akka (a distributed programming framework) and Slick (a database mapper).

Frontend with Vue.js

Vue.js is a modern, progressive javascript framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other frameworks Vue is incrementally adoptable making it perfectly suited to work alongside legacy code or as the primary technology in any size project.



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