Innovative visions …

Accuheat founder Andrew Farmer is an environmentally-savvy entrepreneur who struggled to heat his house efficiently.

Andrew found there were solutions out there for smaller buildings with a single boiler to switch on and off, but nothing that was geared towards large, private buildings and small hotels. These kinds of buildings tend to have huge, old heating systems, and the solutions that simply switch the boiler on or off just didn’t cut it.

Andrew, along with fellow founder Dominic Urand, longed for a more sensitive system that could control radiators in different rooms. They believed that implementing remotely controlled radiator valves was the solution.

... and intelligent software ...

Paper Plane worked alongside Accuheat to create the software to power a central control unit that would remotely activate individual radiators. As a result, each room could have it’s own, individual temperature setting.

This required no extra plumbing as the valves could be attached to existing radiators and be controlled by a central piece of software, eliminating the need to retrofit expensive modern heating systems.

Paper Plane created software that expertly integrated with the existing hardware - this wasn’t just your average website build. Instead, Accuheat needed a solution with a simple setup that was easy-to-implement for the end user.

Create effective solutions...

The result was a dual purpose solution geared towards large houses and small hotels, with a specific set of features for each type of building. Accuheat is now in the process of selling the initial version of the application to its first few customers.