Innovative visions …

Gavriel Merkado – the founder of REalyse – is an entrepreneur with a vision for helping enterprise real estate professionals stay ahead in the property market.

His goal was to use technology to help companies make better property investment decisions by delivering real estate expertise and a wealth of independently-sourced data, including demographics prices, rents and yields. But he needed a software development consultancy that could deliver the technical aspects of his unique vision.

… and intelligent software …

Paper Plane worked with REalyse to define a Requirement Specification, detailing the product’s features in technical terms and a Roadmap for the way forward. After planning the project, creating simple prototypes and database models, we started to implement the REalyse platform.

After testing, we deployed the product and have continued working with Gavriel and his team, coding his ideas for new features.

… create game-changing products

REalyse was launched in 2016. The company works with some of the best property developers, investors and agents in the UK and was recently named one of Equidam’s ‘Top 10 UK Undiscovered Startups’.