Innovative visions …

KPS had a vision for a new kind of renewable energy technology – a kite powered solution, deployable in locations where conventional wind turbines couldn’t go.

But they needed a substantial software upgrade – a complex and scalable solution, incorporating their advanced artificial intelligence to guide the kites; something that could be managed remotely and that would be robust enough to survive constantly changing environments.

… and intelligent software …

KPS approached Oliver Winks, Founder of Paper Plane, to address the challenge. Unpicking the existing system, a new and unique software architecture was developed, aware of all the systems’ parts, which could seamlessly coordinate the kites, and collect a constant stream of data from a multitude of remote sensors.

A robust and reliable system was created that could grow with this complex and challenging project, and withstand rigorous testing outdoors – rain or shine.

… create game-changing products

KPS was able to fly the kites on new software, replacing the code that had gone before, delivering a platform that allowed the project to grow. The demonstrator enabled KPS to meet requirements for the next several rounds of funding.