Upskill to Vue.js

This is a 3-day course teaching Vue.js from first principles. It is a basic course designed to introduce the students to Vue.js rather than teach advanced topics.

Course Outline

Day 1

Day one focuses on getting started with Vue.js and introduces the core concepts which we build on in days 2 and 3.

We look at how to use Vue.js in it's simplest form - importing from a CDN - and how this can be used to migrate legacy code.

We take a look at reactivity in Vue.js by introducing one- and two-way binding and finally how to develop components.

  • Introductions

  • Getting Started

  • Filters, Directives, Data

  • Components

Day 2

Day 2 builds upon what we learnt about components in day 1 and introduces using Vue.js in a larger project.

We look at Vue CLI and Single File Components before doing a deep dive into component communication and component reuse.

  • Vue CLI, SFC

  • Component Communication

  • Component Reuse

Day 3

The final day introduces the students to Vue's wider ecosystem.

We take a detailed look at Vue Router, VueX and when it's appropriate to use it, and popular component libraries such as Element and Vuetify.

Finally we learn how to test Vue components and how to design code that is easy to test.

  • Vue Router

  • Vue X

  • Element

  • Testing