Weeknote #8

Flow gets third library support via dynamic library loading. Academy Residences becomes more user friendly and Accuheat get multi-CCU support ahead of it's first commercial deployment.

Sun Mar 31 2019

Weeknote #7

Brexit! I promised I wouldn't but I can't help it. Showing off Flow at the Rust meetup and lots of fun changes to Academy Residences.

Sun Mar 17 2019

Weeknote #6

I add an old-school hit counter to my site. Flow takes a big step forward and All Jobs Pro are back on the scene with some Vue.js work.

Sun Mar 10 2019

Weeknote #5

Academy Residences is fast becoming my favourite client project and Rust meetups at the Skiff are back on!

Fri Mar 01 2019

Weeknote #4

Academy Residences gets a face lift. I talk about my experience using Postman to test Accuheat and I've got another Scala training job with the BBC.

Fri Feb 22 2019

Weeknote #3

I Start working on my multi-agent simulation engine (Flow). Accuheat finally gets hooked up to Rezlynx and I report on my trials and tribulations with ScalaMock and Heroku.

Sat Feb 16 2019

Static Site Generation

Short introducion to the world of static websites - why they are so popular and how to get started.

Sun Feb 10 2019

Weeknote #2

I start trialing ScalaMock. Accuheat's data collection server is turned on after a long pause and I try out Heroku as a deployment target.

Fri Feb 08 2019

Weeknote #1

Kashflow vs FreeAgent. I move to a new website. Accuheat gets a responsive design and I'm making progress on Academy Residences suggestion engine.

Fri Feb 01 2019